We’re on a mission to work with the world’s most innovative marketers.

The biggest threat to business isn’t rejection: it’s indifference.

At least half the stuff we’ve worked on with them is not traditional advertising.”— JetBlue Client

Everyone in the agency is equally adept at talking about all disciplines.” — JetBlue Client

They really have
everything — creative
and analytics… — Zappos.com Client

We’re Mullen. Proud (yet humbled) to be recognized among the elite and most innovative marketing organizations in the world.

Our philosophy is Unbound – we harness the power of creativity, technology, media and community to help our clients achieve their greatest ambitions in a post-digital, consumer-controlled world. We believe the biggest threat to brands isn’t rejection, but rather indifference, so we set out to make our clients’ brands a productive part of consumer lives and to make spending time with those brands worthwhile.


Mullen’s culture is entirely about limitless possibilities and a relentless belief in a future that is bigger than the past. It’s how we started our company. It’s how we built it. It’s how we continue to evolve and innovate. Check out the video above to see the latest creations in the Mullen innovation lab.


We’re fortunate to work with a number of courageous, thought-leader brands. These are clients who make us better and push us farther, who are eager to take risks, who want to do things that have never been done before.


  • alex-leikikh
    Alex Leikikh Chief Executive Officer Alex motivates our agency to be our clients’ richest source of business-driving ideas. Prior to Mullen, Alex honed his skills at Leo Burnett and Fallon on Philip Morris, BMW, Garmin, and Equinox Fitness. He even helped guide United Airlines during the post-September 11 period of extreme crisis in the travel industry. Alex has become quite good at managing chaos both at work and at home, where he and his wife Jennifer are raising three girls and a boy.X  Close
  • Mark Wenneker
    Mark Wenneker
    Mark Wenneker CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER During Mark's five years at Mullen, he has led the agency into a creative resurgence. Under his guidance, Mullen was named a Fast Company Most Innovative Company, alongside Google, Kraft and Ford. Mullen has been an Ad Age A-List agency for the past three years. And Forbes Magazine called us one of the 10 Great Agencies of 2012. Before coming to Mullen, Mark was at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners working on brands like Comcast, DORITOS, HBO, Hyundai and Saturn. His Saturn “Sheet Metal” spot was nominated as one of the top 10 auto commercials of the past 25 years. He has three girls and a very patient and understanding wife. X  Close
  • Kristen Cavello
    Kristen Cavello
    Kristen Cavallo PRESIDENT As President of Mullen Boston, Kristen leads an agency built to work with ambitious thought leaders. Kristen has led strategic brand planning for numerous domestic and global challenger brands, including Acura, Volkswagen, Saab, adidas, Charles Schwab, Kohler, Coca-Cola, American Greetings and Miller Brewing. Kristen is a two-time winner of the Jay Chiat Award, the industry’s highest award for strategic excellence, for her work on Volkswagen and Coca-Cola. She believes we live in a world of increased competition, and the biggest threat to business today isn’t rejection, but indifference. For a challenger to win, they must have the ambition to steer conversation towards their brand and in their favor.

    As a growth officer, Kristen focuses on repositioning and differentiating the agency by utilizing her planning background. In her three years at Mullen, the agency has doubled in size, opened offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles and twice been named to the Ad Age Agency A-List. In her six-year tenure at The Martin Agency, the agency was one of the fastest growing agencies in the country, named to the Ad Age A-List five consecutive years, and in 2010, Adweek named them Agency of the Year.
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  • John Moore
    John Moore
    John Moore Chief Media Officer John is the Chief Media Officer and is responsible for crafting the department’s vision and spearheading new business initiatives. Since taking over the top spot, he has built an operation that focuses on embracing and leveraging change as a competitive weapon in today's hyper-competitive market. John has worked on brands including XM Satellite Radio, Wendy’s, H&R Block, Converse, Monster.com, General Motors, NEC and Whirlpool and he was named an Ad Age Media Maven in 2010. X  Close
  • Sheila Leyne
    Sheila Leyne
    Sheila Leyne EVP, Managing Partner Sheila has built Mullen’s PR/Social Influence practice into the largest of its kind in the context of a full-service communications agency. The group focuses on five sectors: Consumer Marketing, Technology, Financial, Corporate Reputation and Nutrition/Healthcare. Sheila’s team understands the broader context of brand building. Not only are her people superb publicists, but they also know how to employ a wide spectrum of tools and techniques to help companies achieve their business goals.X  Close
  • Paul Slack
    Paul Slack
    Paul Slack Chief Operating Officer Paul provides our clients and management with coherent and timely information and advice on financial and personnel matters. This includes our technology, facility, human resources, accounting, policies and procedures. But Paul isn’t all about numbers—he loves working with creative, intelligent people.X  Close
  • _dave-weist (1)
    _dave-weist (1)
    Dave Weist Executive Creative Director Over the years Dave has been able to apply his writing talents to purpose-driven brands like Volkswagen, HUMMER, Cadillac, TIAA CREF, RED, JetBlue, Zappos, NOOK by Barnes and Noble, U.S. Cellular, Google and many more.  He’s proud of the fact that he gets results (having worked on the most successful Cadillac campaign in history) and he doesn’t mind winning awards, either, with every international award to his credit, including the Cannes Grand Prix.  Dave believes in the team concept and loves to work across channels but he doesn’t believe in funny little quips at the end of bios.  Whoops, looks like we broke his rule there. X  Close
  • _tim-vaccarino (1)
    _tim-vaccarino (1)
    Tim Vaccarino Executive Creative Director Tim is the consummate art director and he’s been able to hone his craft on forward-thinking brands like Volkswagen, HUMMER, Cadillac, TIAA CREF, U.S. Cellular, Google, JetBlue, Zappos, NOOK by Barnes and Noble, Acura and many more.  A tinkerer at heart, Tim loves to make beautiful things with an array of talented people.  He sees that as the great privilege of this job and the results have shown themselves in every international award, including AICP where his work is on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art.  Vac (as he likes to be called) lives in Plymouth, MA with his wife and three children.  Here, he prefers to keep it real and never speak of himself in the third person.X  Close
  • marc-kempter
    Marc Kempter EVP, Director of Account Service From running his own company to running the largest retail account in the world, the common thread in Marc’s career has been his belief in the power of great ideas to transform brands. Marc comes to Mullen from The Martin Agency where, in addition to running Walmart, he developed new agency-client organizational models and revamped their new business efforts. Previously, he founded and ran “Core,” a collective of marketers and creatives that was then named one of the top 10 creative agencies by Graphis magazine. He has worked on a broad spectrum of brands including Walmart, Mentos, Penske, Play It Again Sports, Motorola and BFGoodrich. Since joining Mullen, he has become integral to the agency’s operational innovation, talent deployment, growth and creative excellence.X  Close
  • joe-grimaldi
    JOE GRIMALDI Chairman I love this agency that I have been part of for over three decades, ever since we were only a dozen people. Before I became Chairman, I was CEO, President, COO and Director of Client Services. I started my ad career in NY after brief stints as a professional musician, a custom-design motorcycle builder and a construction worker. It has been my great fortune and privilege to help build this company and the underlying culture that makes its success sustainable. I believe in embracing change and taking risks, hiring people immensely more talented than myself, giving them room for their passions to soar, harnessing their collective force with a meaningful shared purpose, and doing all of this in an egalitarian, managed-chaos environment that fosters collisions of diverse thought and skills for inspired innovation and creativity on our clients’ behalf. My greatest contribution is installing our current leadership team. They instinctively possess the Mullen DNA, and they have the vision, talent, desire, determination and camaraderie to take our agency – and, just as importantly, our clients – to places that will greatly exceed expectations.X  Close
  • Taylor Bryant
    Taylor Bryant
    Taylor Bryant EVP, Managing Director Taylor honed his skills in marketing working with CPG, technology, financial services and telecommunications clients. His passion lies in deconstructing brands, digging into customer mindsets and developing strategies to reposition brands in transition. He’s led strategic initiatives for clients including McDonald's, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Pillsbury, Levi's, Timberland and Nintendo. Taylor has two kids at home, so taming the dynamic marketing landscape feels like a walk in the park.X  Close
  • Jason Black
    Jason Black
    Jason Black EVP, EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason is a digitally-savvy creative leader and a born nonconformist who believes that an idea can only be great if it serves a clear purpose. He stimulates transformational thinking and drives collaboration across all communications disciplines. Jason brings a diverse client experience to Mullen, including Unilever, Nintendo, La Quinta Inns & Suites, T.J.Maxx, Alaska Airlines, Men's Wearhouse, FOX Sports and MGM Entertainment.X  Close
  • Heidi Grassi
    Heidi Grassi
    Heidi Grassi EVP, Group Account Director Heidi’s experience is truly unique. She’s a marketing hybrid with deep experience in above-the-line branding and positioning, and a history of leveraging data-driven customer insights for transformational results through demand generation and multichannel CRM. In layman's terms, she's worn a lot of hats and worn them well. Heidi's driven to make marketing programs actionable and accountable across all channels. Furthermore, she has served a wide range of Fortune 500 clients across several industries, including financial services, telecom, technology and retail. But her biggest undertaking to date has been managing the demands of two little boys, born 13 months apart.X  Close
  • shaun-stripling
    Shaun Stripling SVP, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER Shaun has an insatiable curiosity that fuels her desire to dissect, understand and, ultimately, move consumers to action. She’s lead successful brand-building initiatives for a diverse range of blue-chip brands, including Holland America Line, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, McDonald's, Royal Velvet, Audi of America, NASDAQ and Chateau Ste. Michelle. Shaun sees each marketing challenge as an opportunity to explore the human condition, ask smarter questions, and sometimes, just listen.X  Close
  • Anne Elwell
    Anne Elwell
    Anne Elwell EVP, Group Account Director Anne has been leading account teams across the country and around the world—from Gatorade and Oreo in Singapore to Sealy Mattresses and Unilever's TRESemme brand in the U.S., she’s made a career out of immersing herself in the emotions and actions of consumers. Ann is a working mom who’s not only seasoned in CPG marketing, but also leads the charge on B2B brands including GlaxoSmithKline and BASF.X  Close
  • Brian Bronaugh
    Brian Bronaugh
    Brian Bronaugh President Brian is the president of Mullen Pittsburgh and serves as the agency’s executive creative director. Before that, he was busy collecting kudos from both clients and award show judges as Creative Director. Since 1990, Brian has been an integral part of the agency’s growth from a successful creative boutique to the operation it is today. He is driven to build the agency and provide resources to meet the demands of the ever-changing communications and business landscape for our clients.X  Close
  • diane-walter
    Diane Walter VP, Director of Digital Operations Diane joined Mullen in 2013 as Director of Digital Operations. With over 20 years of experience on agency and client teams, Diane is truly a digital native. She developed ad products for one of the first search engines, and established the mobile marketing program for American Eagle Outfitters. At Mullen, she leads the digital, PR, and social teams where she innovates, disrupts, and sprinkles geek dust everywhere she goes.X  Close
  • Michael_Ashley
    Michael Ashley EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Meet Michael, our shiny new Executive Creative Director. Michael comes to Pittsburgh via New York, where he worked on global brands like AT&T, Ford, HSBC, Macy's, GE, Starbucks, Microsoft, Smirnoff and Kimberly Clark for some of the most prestigious agencies in the world. He's won over a hundred national and international awards for television, print, outdoor, digital, installations, mobile innovation and package and product design. Some of these include Cannes, D&AD, One Show, ANDY's and the New York Art Director's for technological innovation. Prior to his decade in the Big Apple, he ran his own award winning ad agency in Richmond, VA, which was twice named to AdAge's 10 best creative boutiques in America.X  Close
  • amy-vojtecky
    Amy Vojtecky VP, Media Director Amy said goodbye to the Big Apple after nearly 10 years of working across various clients and categories before coming back home to Pennsylvania. She is a proven planner, negotiator and buyer of all communication channels — ensuring our clients realize the most efficient and effective use of their media dollars. Her negotiating and planning experience has helped her to develop media plans that are smart, strategic and on-target. Amy is constantly pushing for the next big idea and sound media strategy. Her thoroughness and attention to detail have made her a true asset to Mullen and the clients she serves.X  Close
  • alex-maurer
    Alex Maurer SVP, DIRECTOR OF CLIENT SERVICES Alex climbed from the lowest rung of the Account Services ladder to one of the most important positions in the agency. Today, he serves as the Director of Client Services, responsible for maintaining strong client relationships and overseeing the strategic thinking and organization across a range of accounts. He works closely with each department within the agency to ensure continuity and continued on-target communications that meet the strategic goals of our clients.X  Close
  • Dave Popelka
    Dave Popelka
    Dave Popelka SVP, DIRECTOR OF ACCOUNT PLANNING Dave serves as our chief strategist and planner, with a keen focus on the consumer and unearthing the factors that inspire awareness and action. His experience in all methodologies of research, strategic planning, brand architecture construction, focus group moderating and interviewing has proven invaluable in representing the voice of the consumer for our clients. He works closely with all agency personnel to reach our clients’ customers with the right message at the right time.X  Close
  • john-chilli
    John Cilli VP, Agency Communications and Development A change agent and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience leading agencies and startups to new and awesome heights, John focuses on strategic partnerships, new revenue models and overall agency growth. He also manages all external communications and public relations for Mullen’s Pittsburgh office, while raising the bar internally with wit, hustle and impeccable style.X  Close